What's happening today

Come Play in our Back Yard

Pick Fruits and Vegetables

  • Have you tried all twelve varieties of our cherries?
    Yes, there are different flavours of cherries.
  • Come pick a peach off the tree and bite it while it is still warm from the sun. Let it run down your chin.
  • 57 varieties of apples to try.
  • Berries, Berries, everywhere and everyone to eat!
  • Plums come in different colours and sizes, but they all grow on trees and we will let you pick them all.
  • Have you ever wanted to sneak into a farmer's field and steal corn?
    We will let you do it here, you just have to pay for it before you leave.
  • Dig your own potatoes, carrots, onions, and beets.
    You'll be surprised what colours you find.
  • Table grapes? Wine grapes?
    Eat them or shove them through your toes... your choice really,
    but you can do that here too.
  • Pumpkins from the field are way more fun than pumpkins from a shelf at the grocery store.
  • Fruits and vegetables are never fresher than when you pick them yourself!

Play Farmer

  • What do you mean you have never bottle fed a baby goat?
    We can help with that.
  • Never snuggled with a baby calf in the sunshine?
    We can fix that.
  • Scratched a pig on its belly and made it kick its back leg like a dog?
    We can help with that too.
  • How about tried to win a staring contest with a fluffy bunny?
  • Gathered eggs?
  • Shared your cookie with a little lamb?
  • Played the quack back game with a duckling?

Meet the Author

"Allison Maher"