After the American revolution, many families who had decided to stay loyal to the British Crown moved to other colonies within the British Empire. These people were known as the United Empire Loyalists. One such individual was Richard Bowlby (formerly from New Jersey) and lucky for us, he chose to come to Nova Scotia in 1783.
His grandson Samuel Bowlby purchased this farm in 1853 and the Victorian home on our property was built by him in 1871. The foundation of the original sheep barn can still be found in the pasture. Sam's son Howard was the man responsible for planting what we call the "Heritage Block" in 1901.
The fifteen odd varieties of apples in that block are over 100 years old and virtually extinct from modern agriculture. During this lifespan this farm has been involved in raising foxes, sheep, cattle and breeding fine carriage horses.

avid Bowlby is the fifth generation Bowlby to live and work this land. Connor and Devon Bowlby are the sixth generation Bowlbys, but they just play here.

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